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I built my Kayel Ranger 16 from a kit of parts supplied by Granta Boats of Ramsey.

Designed by Ken Littledyke, he was the originator of the 'stitch and glue' method of plywood boat and canoe construction from sheets of plywood.

Cut to precises shapes, the panels were then 'stitched' together with nylon line or copper wires. This then pulled the structure into the correct three-dimensional shape, without the need for internal framework.

The seams were then lined, inside and out, with fibreglass tape, covered in resin. This was originally polyester resin, but nowadays epoxy resin is used, which bonds much more strongly to the wood.

The result can be seen here, a very clean looking and totally waterproof joint.


Visible in the photo, just under the short foredeck, is a block of expanding buoyancy foam that I cast into place, then covered with a thin layer of fibreglass resin.

This provided permanent positive buoyancy, which I also put under the stern deck as well.

The upsweep of the gunwale resulted in a nice streamlined shape when inverted on the roof of the Passat estate that I had at the time.

a quiet paddle across Haversham SC lake, near Milton Keynes.

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