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Old Town Osprey

A 14ft Canadian Canoe constructed from 'Royalex', which can be rowed or paddled, (and now motored or sailed !)

Kayel Ranger 16

Eonac was a Kayel Ranger 16 plywood Canadian canoe that I built from a kit supplied by Granta Boats of Ramsey.


Kayel Touring Double

Woody was a Kayel Touring Double plywood kayak that I bought secondhand. It originally had two separate cockpits which I converted to a long single and added a sail rig from a Puffin dinghy.

Folbot Super 17

Toblof is a folding double kayak, produced by Folbot (in the USA).
Originally shipped over in December 1987, she is fitted with the 'upwind' sail rig, complete with leeboards and rudder.

Sevylor Tahiti K79

At first sight, the K79 looks like a beach toy, but they have a long history of serious use, and are extremely compact when deflated, fitting into a small bag that can be carried in the car all the time (just in case !)

Folbot Aleut

My Folbot Aleut is a single folding kayak, produced by Folbot (in the USA).
She's very small and light, 12 feet long and weighs 43 lbs, and yet very stable, due to the wide beam.


Fibreglass Singla Kayak (unknown make !)

I bought this one from a local boat auction and renovated it, adding a few extras. It's only 3 meters long and 720mm wide, so it's very light and quite stable, but not very fast.


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