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I tried a Sevylor inflatable kayak, the 'Tahiti K79' for a while, but I was too heavy for it, (although the specs showed me well within it's safe carrying capacity). It was safe enough, with plenty of reserve buoyancy, but when paddled solo, my 95kg concentrated in the centre caused it too much 'rocker' making it difficult to paddle straight, and very slow.

Although made of pvc, it was of very good quality, far superior to the 'Beach Toys' , which it (unfortunately!) resembled.

Costing just over a £100 uk, it did pack up very small, so could be a practical solution for many people wishing to get afloat

Designed primarily as a two seater, it could be used solo, as shown here.

On the 'foredeck' is my BCU membership plaque, which is acceptable in lieu of a waterways license for many inland UK rivers, exceptional value (about £25 per year in 2004).

This photo shows the good quality air valves, (the removable ones in the main tubes), and the built in 'pressure gauges' which worked quite well, and helped to avoid over inflation.

A very worthwhile extra is the optional plastic skeg, which greatly assists paddling in a straight line.

This photo of the underside shows the inflatable floor, and the drain hole (with plastic plug).

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