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(My apologies for the coloured dots in the photos on this page, back in the 70's colour film was expensive, so I used up some outdated film....)

An Uncle of mine built this Mermaid from a kit back in the seventies.

It was plywood 'stitch and glue' construction, of very similar dimensions to the Mirror Dinghy produced in the same era. It wasn't as popular though, which was a shame, as it was better in many respects, including the proper stem, (rather than the Mirror's bluff pram dinghy shape).

It had the same wooden spar gunter rig, so that all the sailing gear could be carried within the hull, with no overhanging.

       Length: 11ft
        Beam: 4ft 7in
Hull Weight: 115lbs
   Sail Area: 70 sq ft
            PY: 127 (mk 1)

Designed by Roger Hancock in 1972

Mermaid Boats

(not there any more though)

These 4 pages are the original 1970 brochure. Click any thumbnail to view the page full-size in a new window.
Roger (the designer), tells me that the crew in the photos are of himself and his family.

This photo shows the foredeck and 'proper' stem, quite different from the Mirror, which it otherwise closely resembles.

The boat was stored for several years until I came into possesion.

It had been kept dry, so despite the appearance, the would was quite sound.

This photos shows the proper swinging centreboard, (unlike the mirror's simple slotted daggerboard), and the mast step on top of it.

The foredeck gave very useful stowage for sails and dry bags.

I stripped everything to the bare wood and re-varnished and re-painted.

I added a rowing thwart and a 'samson post', (I didn't know much about class dinghy racing in those days !)

If you can see through the bright spots of my cheapskate 35mm film, the fresh varnish and paintwork nrought her up like new again.

We had to sell her back in the eighties when we were moving home, and I've regretted it ever since.

It would have been nice to continue enjoying something (very well) hand made by a close relative, who has since sadly passed away.

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