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Mermaid Dinghy

Dunnup was a plywood mermaid sailing dinghy built from a kit by my Uncle. Very similar to a Mirror,and from the same era, she was also constructed via the 'stitch and glue' method.

'Yachting World' GP14 Dinghy

Gepe was a wooden GP14 built by Bell woodworking using conventional plywood on frames construction. A nice big, stable boat, she was a little heavy to manhandle for one person and had acres of varnish to maintain !


'Yachting World' Heron Dinghy

Noreh was a fibreglass (hull & deck), sailing dinghy.


Seahopper Dinghy

I made my 2.4 metre Seahopper folding dinghy from a kit of parts.
Although she looks like a normal small pram dinghy when assembled, she folds down to a package only 150mm thick...

Prout Puffin

The Puffin was a 7'6" semi-folding sailing dinghy, produced in the 1960's.
The hull is rigid plywood, but the depth can be reduced by folding down the gunwales, so that she's then only anout 12" thick.

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