Film Images & Photos
Colour and monochrome.


Dartmouth Naval Review 1897
on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee
  click the image for a larger view, but be warned, it’s 2000x775 and highly detailed, so the 185kB file could take a minute or two to download !!
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We dedicate this photo to the memory of the old gentleman in Dartmouth who we bought it from in 1977. Our surprise at his detailed knowledge of how and when it was taken led him to admit that he had assisted the photographer as a boy. (He told us that the train in the foreground had an engine at both ends, because during the time taken to swing the camera round and load another plate, it had coupled up to the other end for the return journey to Torbay.) The chain ferry is just visible at the right hand background, near the old Ships of the Line that were the Naval Training College at the time. (The 'old' Stone Naval College hadn't yet been built the Hill !!)   The picture was taken on two 10x8 wet plates. I’ve tried to join them as best as possible. It’s well worth looking at the larger version (and saving it if you want to) as the level of detail is incredible. Although lens resolution and the ‘film’ emulsion was coarse, the pictures were effectively ‘contact prints’ so are very sharp. They have not been digitally enhanced in any way, merely scanned in at 200dpi with a Plustek flatbed scanner, and stitched together.

Digital scans of 35mm and 6x6cm Film
(all scanned from negatives or slides with an Epson Filmscan 200 or a Canon FB630U flatbed)
'Hover' the mouse over any image to see the scan settings, then click the image for a larger view

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