15/9/10 The Hampton Safari boats history page now contains all of the historic data from the original Hampton Safari Owners Club website. There is now a new Owners Club website at http://hamptonsafaribc.webplus.net/

17/2/08 The Shorebase home page has been revamped again

17/2/08 The Boats section has been updated with details and photos of the canoes and boats listed.

20/10/07 The Norfolk Broads section has now been moved to it's own domain space at http://www.Norfolk-Broads.org

24/12/06 Another 25 new photos added to the Broads Slides Pages.

2/6/06 The Boats Section has been re-written to enable me to add more boats !

7/2/06 The Norfolk Broads Section has been revamped to enable new WebCam and Weather pages.

21/1/06 My apologies for the site outage from the 14th- 20th Jan 2006. This was due to a change of hosting company, and despite my trying very hard to minimize the downtime, the inevitable happened !...

11/6/05 The Broads Tide Calculator now has the facility to print 7 to 60 day tide tables withor without the 'tide bands' map..

27/5/05 Nine more aerial photos added to the Broads Slides Pages (taken yesterday !) - Lowestoft, Beccles, Brundall & the Yare etc..

20/5/05 Broads Tide Calculator prediction range extended to the end of 2009.

1/3/05 Four more aerial photos added to the Broads Slides Pages (taken yesterday !) - New Cut, Reedham, Hardley & the Yare.

5/12/04 Another ten aerial views added to the Broads Slides Pages (taken today !)

30/11/04 Due to lack of a reasonable amount of interesting content, the Broads Diary page has now been dropped and replaced with the Broads Puzzles page.

19/11/04 20 new photographs added to the Norfolk Broads slides page.

17/9/04 Thanks to a my good friend and his light plane, the site now has an aerial photo section on the Broads Slides Pages.

21/8/04 A stitched panorama from the top of Ranworth Church on the Broads Slides Pages.

16/4/04 Seven new slides added to the Norfolk Broads maps at Beccles, Somerleyton and Great Yarmouth.

8/3/04 The Hampton Safari boats history page now contains a comprehensive PDF list of Hampton Safari Boats based on the Norfolk Broads since the 1970's.

6/3/04 The history of this site page in the web development section has been enlarged to explain how the current ASP version works, with particular reference to the Norfolk Broads section.

5/1/04 The Test Area option from the main menu has been added to enable authorised users to view other Sites that I have in development for them. It links to my ASP development domain http://www.demotest.co.uk and is controlled via password access. (This also prevents automated web crawlers from indexing the site for search engines before it is ready for general release.)

24/10/03 The Norfolk Broads Section now has a Downloads Page. To start it off, this has been loaded with a number of Windows Wallpaper files with a Broads Theme.

17/10/03 The Norfolk Broads Section now has user selectable menu styles. (If you have 'cookies' enabled, it will retain your settings.)

12/10/03 The digital photography page has been updated with details of my Olympus C730 and a few pictures from it.

4/08/03 A new page detailing the history of Hampton Safari (motor cruisers) has been added to the boating section.

20/05/03 The Broads sub-web now has a real-time Tide Calculator. It displays the current state of the Tide (and moonphase and sunrise/sunset) at key locations on the Broads system. (Defaulting to now, it can be advanced to predict for any date/time from 2003 to 2005.)

1/04/03 The Broads page has now been developed into a full sub-web. The menu page gives access to pictures of the Norfolk Broads. These are accessible via 'slide trays' and large scale maps with the picture locations as hotspots that open when clicked. There is also a links page, giving information and links to companies and facilities connectd with the Norfolk Broads and boating.

2/03/03 A new page has been added to the Boating section. It contains pictures and text about my Hampton Safari Ex-Hire Broads Cruiser.

23/03/02 A new page has been added to the Boating section. It contains pictures and text about my Hardy Family Pilot, 'Red Pepper'. (we have now sold this boat)

18/12/00 The user preferences are now enabled for the main pages. Click the 'user settings' button to try them out.

10/12/00 two new sections added to the Photography section,
Digital Darkrooms

and Film-Based Darkrooms.

23/11/00 the content of the Boathouse site is moved to here ( ShoreBase.co.uk) to enable active server content. No new content at present, except that each section now has it's own 'theme' and specific navigation.

18/9/00 a new section 'The Norfolk Broads' has been introduced. (the icon is a windpump at the moment as I couldn't think what else to use!)

7/9/00 The Folbot page now has a couple of photos of 'Toblof' sailing an the lake at Haversham

27/8/00 A new page has been added to the boating section, showing the boats we have used in the past.

12/7/00 The Yachting World Heron page now has some content (more will be added!)

10/7/00 The Old cameras Page now has photos of my collection on it. (I'll add 'mouseover' descriptions ASAP)

4/7/00 The Folbot page has been revamped with lots more pictures from my new Fuji Finepix.

26/5/00 The Seahopper page has more photos showing my mods to the boat.

21/5/00 The Digital Photos Page has been redesigned to show standard thumbnails and introduce the digital equipment used.

17/5/00 Haversham Sailing Club now has a panorama, and there are additional images on the Digital Photos Page, taken with my new Fuji Finepix 4700 camera.

27/2/00 the following pages have now had more content added:
more 'Ripple Effects' on the Java Page
Haversham Sailing Club
Seahopper Folding Dinghy
Folboat Folding Kayak
Web Development Intro Page

27/2/00 the site diary (this) now contains 2 panes, to separate the technical design comments from the contents news. (when viewed with IE4+, they have scroll bars to enable viewing all previous comments, rather than the most recent).

12/2/00 a new burst of enthusiasm! The whole site redesigned and rewritten using Dreamweaver 3

7/6/99 a digital panorama of the waterfront at Cowes, Isle of Wight in June 1999

3/6/99 a B&W panoramic view of Dartmouth Naval Review 1899 on the Old Photos Page

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