Darkrooms (Film)
Traditional Darkroom Techniques and Equipment

The way things were.... (apologies to all that still prefer this way of creating photographs, or still require the level of quality that (at the present) only it can provide).

I first started photography at the age of 12, processing black & white rollfilm in the family bathroom with crude blackouts placed at the windows. Things progressed to the point (about 15 years ago) where I had built the fully equipped darkroom that you see here. I was able to process monochrome & colour, still and even cine ( using a huge Russian 16mm dev tank !).

Contrast the extent of equipment required with that of my present 'digital darkroom' on the Darkroom (Digital) page.

This photo shows the 'wet area' with sinks and my DIY 'Incubator' for processing colour prints at 100º, +- 1º .

The 'dry area' contained the enlargers and copy stands etc.

The right hand 'globe' was a 35mm enlarger, the centre one was my 'Gnome Master II' 6x9cm model with a colour drawer. (Which you had to load with precise levels of magenta, cyan and yellow acetates to 'balance' the colour.)

The large baseboard at the bottom and the chrome columns to the left are all that can be seen in this view of my prized possession, a DeVere 10" x 8" enlarger (further pictures shown below).


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