an Autosleeper Trident on a VW T4 petrol

'Kurt' was our Autosleeper Trident Motor Caravan that replaced 'Arthur' in 1998..

Very well made and car-like to drive, ideal for weekends and picnics. For extended touring however, it was a bit cramped for the three of us, and the Camelot's superb washroom was sorely missed. This picture shows all of the 'racking' for our touring paraphernalia. A Fiamma cycle rack and the DIY roof rack with rear boat rollers and the essential ladder to get up and tie things on etc. !

a detail shot of the boat rack on the roof. The alluminium cross bars (topped with pvc 'D' fender) carried either our seahopper dinghy or one of our canoes. The detachanble ladder was hung from side brackets attached to the same cross beams. To assist loading, hardwood rollers were fitted to the existing stainless steel cross bar at the back of the Trident. The canoe or boat was simply propped over the back and pushed forward.

We improved the comfort inside with a swivelling driver's seat (although it couldn't go fully round because of the cooker unit). And I fitted a 6" TV in one of the overhead lockers. (top right of this picture). This photo was taken at the Trelowarren campsite in Cornwall.


another interior shot, showing the rear bench seat

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